Pilates Floor Play

Flexibility, Agility, Mobility, Stability, Strength

stimulating functional movement and self-healing by working with Pilates & Nia principle sets, and The Body’s Way philosophy

Pilates is a mind-body exercise system that targets core strength and flexibility through focused movements. Created by Joseph Pilates, it emphasizes the “powerhouse” muscles to enhance posture, stability, and alignment. The integration of breath and movement fosters mindfulness during sessions. Practicing Pilates leads to a strong core, long lean muscles, increased flexibility, and improved body awareness. It is suitable for all fitness levels, gentle on the joints, and promotes mental well-being, making it a rewarding and holistic exercise regimen for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

BUT WAIT, There is More!

Cecile has found a way to ENHANCE the Pilates practice, through the influence of Nia. Cecile’s Pilates Floor Play has a strong Pilates base, with the added guidance that stimulates functional movement and self-healing using Nia principles and given the opportunity to personalize the movements from The Body’s Way philosophy

The combined principles sets of Pilates and Nia, uses space, time and gravity guided by the element of play, to creatively condition the body with dynamic ease.

"Pilates is the art of focused movement, which, when practiced with consistency, improves flexibility, builds strength, and creates a body that moves with grace and ease."

– Joseph Pilates

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Principles of Pilates





three women each sitting on a pilates ball



Young woman stretching sideways onto her leg





Classes & Fees

I invite you to explore more than one class per week, to feel the difference

Weekly Schedule




Pilates FloorPlay

06h30 – 07h20 / 
08h30 – 09h20
@ Movement Lounge, Knysna & ONLINE


(Neuromuscular Integrative Action)
09h00 – 10h00
@ Venue to be confirmed, Sedgefield 


Nia (Neuromuscular Integrative Action)

10h30 – 11h30
@ TLC Studio, Wilderness



06h30 – 07h20 / 
08h30 – 09h20
@ Movement Lounge, Knysna & ONLINE


(Neuromuscular Integrative Action)
08h00 – 09h00
@ The Greenhouse Studio, Knysna
(Book online)

Private PilatesFloorPlay
09h30 – 10h20
@ Movement Lounge, Knysna

MOVEMENT Lounge Fees

once off individual assessment

This session gives time to understand the needs of the individual and to show/ experience the basic Pilates movements. This helps the flow of the 1st group session to come with ease for the client and instructor.


Max 8 people in the studio
4 sessions: R500
8 sessions: R925

semi/private packages

Max 1-2 people in the studio
4 sessions: R2000
8 sessions: R3920

out of studio session

The fee depends on the distance from Knysna. Chat with Cecile 🙂

ADD Pilates, nia, Floorplay & Face yoga to your EVENT/ Team building/ workshop

Connect with Cecile for detail