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Hello EveryBody

Welcome to Cecile with Love&Light. I feel very privileged to have your attention, and to share my knowledge with you. It inspires me to learn constantly as the sensation of growing and sharing is so uplifting for the whole.

In this newsletter, I would like to place my focus on the growth I have experienced after attending the Nia Art of Communication workshop this March with the Very knowledgeable, Ann Christiansen, from Zurich.

This course gave me answers of how I would like to grow the Pilates practise I present into something More dimensional and less mechanical. As some of you have already experienced, we have included,

  • The 5 senses, especially the eyes, becoming awareness and bringing in focus of the movements.
  • Structure, with an element of freedom to personalize movements, as You are the Only one that has the inner true knowledge of what You need and how You would like to feel.  
  • The nervous system, enabling the body to respond and create new neural pathways.
  • Balance through eye movements, spiral movements connecting to the vestibular system (the inner ears) and footwork, are a few points of attention to enable the muscular system to respond in supported action.
  • Proprioception, the sense of 360 degrees and spiralling movements also adds attention to one finding the balance in the bigger everyday movements.
  • Dynamic ease of getting up and down from the earth, playing with gravity.
  • Creativity adds a sense of playfulness and keeping the mind focused on the moment of movement.
  • Breath is the first act of movement with which everyBody starts life. The awareness of breathing in (through the nose) and out (either the nose or the mouth), relaxing the jaw and the tongue calms the nervous system and allows a more balanced being.
  • Facia System, the biggest organ of the body (bigger than the skin) also plays a massive role during your classes.
  • Having a relationship with ourselves, through awareness, intimacy, and communication.

I have highlighted these points, to show you some of the depth that we delve into when you step in and out of a Pilates Floor Play, Nia Floor Play or Nia classic class.

The classes are there to connect the dots for yourself through the guidance of the facilitator, not the instruction of an instructor.

I feel so excited that we can enhance our mechanical ways and colour the metaphorical pictures in for ourselves. To be able to respond to our body’s flexibility, agility, mobility, strengths, stability and even stillness, during practice, enhances our general lives!

Let’s have fun in the exploration!  
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with Love&Light,

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