Where It All Began

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Cecile Sasman was born in Stellenbosch. Her father was the professor and head of the Food Science Department of the University of Stellenbosch. Her mother was an assertive entrepreneur and health and wellness consultant. Her great love for dogs but especially Stannard Poodles, comes from her childhood, growing up with two big friendly black poodles, Donker and Ebony.

Cecile was part of the ballet world since she was 6, and stepped into the professional ballet world as an apprentice by the age of 15. It showed her the disciplines that are useful in life, thinking on her feet, and being creative.
At 18, she abruptly left the ballet world, to study Humanities and Marketing at the University of Stellenbosch. After she completed her studies, she was eager to travel and explore the world. She went to South Korea for 6 years, teaching English, travelling in the East, and learning how to Salsa dance. Cecile studied, BASI Mat Pilates in Seoul, while finishing her work in South Korea.

CielaPilates & LeCielStudio

2015 – 2018

Returning home, to Stellenbosch at the start of 2015, Cecile opened her first studio, CielaPilates, focusing on mat Pilates and overall health and wellness, in 2015 at her home, and worked at various studios and businesses freelance in Stellenbosch.
She also worked with Mia Steyn, a nia teacher, and Soleil Terblanche, a yoga and aerial yoga teacher. They played with their skills and brought a wonderful fusion of Pilates, nia and yoga together in their sessions and elaborating it into weekend workshops. Thanks to the help from Cecile’s husband Thaine, Natasha Thereon, a sports massage therapist and Annelize Taljaard, a mindful clinical psychologist, CielaPilates developed into LeCielStudio which was situated in the heart of Stellenbosch. By the start of 2018, LeCielStudio developed into a space presenting Pilates, Yoga and Barre.

By mid 2018, Cecile’s family had a great opportunity to relocate to Knysna in the Garden Route. LeCielStudio continued to operate in Stellenbosch for a few months, with the wonderful team of Jieun Kim, Fran Sibrits, Lente Kritzinger, Edelweiss Gunter and Melanie Rabe, presenting their various classes. 

adapting to change

2019 – 2022

In April 2019, LeCielStudio closed it’s doors in Stellenbosch. This was a great opportunity for the team, to venture out and start their individual journeys opening their own businesses and for LeCielStudio to remain it’s focus in Knysna as a boutique studio run by Cecile only.

During 2020 – 2021, LeCielStudio got creative, presenting classes online and outdoors. Eventually things returned to normal again. 
For various moments, Cecile also presented Pilates at the Knysna Flight Club, the Knysna Dojo and at the biokinetics, Liesl Medeira.

Cecile, studied the Danielle Collins Face Yoga course in October 2022, to add the skills to her Pilates classes, and presenting Face Yoga Sessions online.

expanding knowledge & skills

2022 – current day

After 8 years of doing nia herself, in March 2023, Cecile qualified as a nia white belt (art of sensation) teacher at The Space Between, in Plettenberg Bay, under the facilitation of Mia Steyn (now a second degree black belt in nia).

While Pilates is still daily presented by Cecile, she is intentionally bringing nia to the Garden Route in South Africa. She presents nia at various studios (see on the nia page for more detail), she offers nia on request from schools such as Heartland, her son’s school, at corporate events nationally and internationally, as part of team building and self development, at birthday parties and as part of fun events.

During the winter of 2023, Cecile decided to rebrand again as Cecile with Love & Light. Her intentions are just that, to bring love and light with various means to the world. She is all about uplifting people, finding joy with movement, connecting the mind, body, soul and emotions for oneself, which allows to connect with other with ease. 

living in the moment

At the start of 2024, Cecile is presenting nia and Pilates at The Greenhouse Studio and at her own studio, the Movement Lounge in Knysna. She’s is also involved at The Space Between Studio in Plettenberg Bay, presenting Nia and helping out with Pilates when needed. If you are looking for her on a Wednesday, she is will be traveling to Sedgefield and Wilderness to step into a nia session with you. 
During March 2024, Cecile attended The Art of Communication Nia course lead by Ann Christiansen, at Studio Kairos in Johannesburg. Cecile is very inspired after obtained her Blue Belt from that training. The inspiration is leading her in a new way to present Pilates with more attention to floor play, encouraging the individual to move with more dynamic ease during session and to take into daily practice. She is even more motivated in continuing to grow the Nia audience. Have a look at Cecile’s schedule, and step in with a beginners’ mind to explore the possibilities of what your being is able to feel.

" The world needs love, and it starts with each individual taking responsibility to find their own happiness. I invite you to connect with me, and find out how I can guide or help color your life's picture in with the tools I have to share with you."

With Love and Light,


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